Posted by : Abdul Munaf Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Did you know what speed your Internet Service Providers (ISP) provide, or have they promised you high speed but you are facing low speed. Then here is a site for you to check the speed of your service providers.

Step1: log on to 

Click on " BEGIN TEST " and wait for some time till the testing is complete. it may take about 30 - 40 seconds

Screenshot of the page is below:

Here you will find Three things
1- Ping
2- Download Speed
3- Upload Speed

1- Ping : this in technical terms is the time taken for delay to communicate from one computer to another over network.

2- Download Speed : its calculated by the small binary file downloaded to your system from speedtest server in 10 seconds

3- Upload Speed : a small amount of random data is generated in your system and is uploaded to the speedtest server and the upload speed time taken in 10 seconds is calculated.

for more info on how the actual speed test works please visit the link : speedtest in brief

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  1. Nice blog really helpful for those who dont know anything about how to test the speed of internet ...I usually test the speed of internet using sites like here they will measure the speed of internet in Mbps.....

    1. Thank you for your comment sanjith.

      The website like you said, i have tested even with it.. its good but it doesnot allow you to choose ISP server's and the speed even vary's from ISP server to ISP server..

      Try it... :)

  2. I read this article. I think You put a lot of effort to create this article. I appreciate your work.
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