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Greetings users,

     As far as we know that we host websites via Computer using IIS ( Internet Information Service ) , XAMPP ( Cross Platform Apache MySQL PHP PERL )and so on.. Now its even possible to host websites even from our mobile handset YES Mobile Web Server - PAMP ( Personal Apache MySQL PHP ) can be used..

     Nokia Handsets allow these features.

Here below are the installation steps

Download these applications first:

1) Apache & PHP config files
2) PAMP (Personal Apache MySQL PHP) 1.0.2
3) FExplorer ( Just-in case, its optional )

Installation Steps:

$$$$ All Files Install In Phone Memory $$$$

1) Install  " pips.sis "  (Already Installed Then First Uninstall And Install This).

2) Install  " ssl.sis "  (Already Installed Then First Uninstall And Install This).

3) Now Install  " pamp.sis

4) Copy  " httpd.conf "  File And Paste Into  " C:/Data/apache/conf "  Overwrite/Replace It.

5) Copy  " php.ini "  File And Paste Into  " C:/Data/php "  Overwrite/Replace It.

6) Restart Your Mobile.

7) Go Installed Application And Select  " Pamp "  After Its Open Click On Option - Start - Pamp " 

9) Open Mobile Web Browser & Type  " "  Or  " http://localhost

10) Test Ur PHP File At  " E:/data/apache/htdocs

8) You Are Done...


1)  If You want to access local website like " " then create a new folder inside " E:/data/apache/htdocs " Folder name " techbuzz18 " which will look like " E:/data/apache/htdocs/techbuzz18 " and insert you php or html file inside it.

2) Just in-case if you find installation error like " Unable to install " of PAMP install from this link PAMP.

3) if you face " expired certificate " issue change the date to the year  " 2012 ".

Happy Hosting

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