Posted by : Abdul Munaf Tuesday, December 10, 2013

  While i was surfing on net i found a open letter to Twitter Inc. by the Team AnonymousOpsUSA. thought of sharing it with you all.. Letter Dated 5th DEC 2013 by YourAnonNews

Content of Letter 

" Greetings Citiziens of the World...
Greetings especially to Twitter Inc.

An open letter to Twitter...

Greetings Twitter, The Anonymous collective entity has regarded your site ( with respect, We have avoided launching Distrubitive Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and Defacing your site.(To name a few of our most common attacks)

And how did you repay our acts of kindness? 
You threw this in our faces---->

You have the ability to suspend twitter accounts...
We have the power to suspend websites....

You have suspended the account @Anon_Central
That was unwise Twitter!

You think your website is so secure? Look at some of our recent attacks and then tell us it's secure!
We can tell you this if the Suspended Twitter account @Anon_Central is not returned. You may have to fix a Database leak...

You think because the public labels us "heroes" and freedom fighters that we won't attack your Sites your Servers & your everything?

Think again! We are Terrorist at our very core. One good deed doesn't change who you are does it?

UnSuspend Anon_Central's account or things will get very messy.

For your sake and you sale alone twitter, Do not go against us....

We Do Not Make Idle Threats!
We make promises and we keep our promises
We are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Do Not Forget
Expect us...Twitter Inc.
We are Anonymous.

One does not simple TROLL with Anonymous, Without getting totally fucked.

Joint-Press Release Anonymous & LulzSec
Operation BlackFlag

TWITTER you haven't seen our Black Flag yet!!!

- Team AnonymousOpsUSA & various LulzSec entities "

* Letter Contents are from external site. i am not responsible for it. its just for sharing purpose.

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