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Move Over Gorilla, Rhino Shield Is Here To Save The Mobile ScreenGorilla glass is used for smart devices in order to help users keep their beloved device safe from scratches and cracks. Only there are people all over the world who are having to order a new screen for their iPhone after they dropped it, so we can safely assume that the Gorilla glass is not infallible. Now though, Evolutive Labs, a company born from Cambridge University, have successfully funded and developed the Rhino Shield screen protector, which according to the team at EL, will leave the Gorilla well and truly in the mist.

Impressive Functionality
The rhino Shield is supposedly able to withstand 5 times the impact that Gorilla 2 glass can. Some people even call the shield hammer proof. The designers haven’t simply taken the brawn into account though, the Rhino shield is extremely clever in the way it actively improves user experience.
Users of Rhino Shield can enjoy:
  • Smooth touchscreen functionality – No stickiness that hinders the function of the touchscreen. Fingers will glide across the screen ultra-thin 0.29 mm cover as if it isn’t there at all.
  • Impressively hard exterior – The hardness of the cover is H3 which will protect screens against keys, coins, nails pens and plenty of other pesky objects.
  • Smudge free screen – Not only does the Rhino shield protect against impact and scratches, the custom formulated polymer actually repels different oils which means no finger prints or smudges.
Backed By Thousands
The Rhino Shield project was taken to Kickstarter in order for developers to get the financial backing they needed to make the shield a reality. The concept was so popular that during the 30 day campaign, 3674 backers managed to surpass the £50,000 goal and raise £73,716 in total.
Move Over Gorilla, Rhino Shield Is Here To Save The Mobile Screen
Available Now
Since the end of the crowd funding campaign in April, developers have worked hard to bring the Rhino Shield to the public and now users can finally experience what may be the ultimate form of screen protection for smart devices.
Shields can be bought from $29 – $40 depending on the type of device. Exact sizes will be supplied as the name of the particular model is required while ordering.
[Images via Kickstarter & Dot Tech]
Source: TechBeat

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