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To build a stable system it is always a good idea to buy high quality memory modules. Over the years I have always used memory from Crucial as you can buy it direct from Crucial website and it comes with life time warranty. The quality of Crucial memory is extremely high and I never had a single problem with them during the 10 years i have been using them. This is the reason I have chosen to use Crucial DDR3 SDRAM on this system. Please note DDR3 may look similar to DDR2 but the pin count are not the same and they are not compatible. So you are out of luck if you want to recycle your old DDR2 memory.
Move both clips on the memory socket to open position. Since we have two DDR3 modules we will insert the first module into socket DIM1 and the second into DIM3. This will run the memory in Dual Channel Mode. DIM1 and DIM3 sockets are colored blue. Please note, if you have 1 module it will be inserted into socket DIM1 and therefore will run in Single Channel mode.
You will notice that the DDR3 memory has a notch at the bottom. This is to prevent the memory from being inserted the wrong way round. Make the orientation of the memory module so that the notch matches the memory socket. Push the memory module down using two fingers or both of your thumbs as shown. You will hear a click as both clips on the memory socket snaps into place.
Repeat the same process for the second module.
Watch the Video Guide :

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